The Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Company (ROMPCO) is a joint venture between the government of South Africa (represented by the South African Gas Development Company (iGas)), the government of Mozambique (represented by Companhia Moçambicana de Gasoduto (CMG)), and Sasol. ROMPCO was formed in 2001 to transport natural gas from Mozambique’s gas fields to markets in both Mozambique and South Africa, for the economic benefit of the region. It is a safe, reliable, and efficient provider of gas transmission pipeline capacity within Southern Africa. ROMPCO is the owner and commercial operator of a 865km high-pressure gas transmission pipeline connecting the onshore gas fields in Pande and Temane, Mozambique to Sasol’s operations in South Africa. Until the commissioning of the cross-country pipeline, Mozambique’s natural gas national asset had effectively been stranded. During the construction phase, the project created employment opportunities for more than 840 Mozambicans living near the project. They were trained in applying pipe coating and handling tasks at a pipe mill in Matola. At the construction site near Temane, the training covered areas such as the operation of general earth-moving equipment (graders, excavators, tippers, etc.), as well as hand grinders and brushers. It also included pipe stringing, steel fixing, and concrete mixing plus casting, installation of fiber optic ducting, and minesweeping. In addition, people were also trained as class X70 welders’ assistants and team leaders.